26 Apr 2019

Finance Industry Trends: Mobile Solutions

The financial industry is experiencing a major shift thanks to the advancement of mobile technology. Not only this industry is a heavy u ser of technological services, but they also offer a full range of mobile solutions. Particularly, mobile devices put banking information directly in the hands of consumers, leading to:

  • The Redefinition of Banking
  • The Empowerment of Financial Advisors
  • Better Experiences for Customers

Learn more about the mobile devices making their marks on the finance industry here and get a handle on upcoming mobile solutions that may further change banking, accountancy, investment, and more. read more

19 Apr 2019

Top 3 Motivations for Implementing Mobile Protection and Cyber Security

With more and more information becoming available online, mobile security has become a higher priority than ever before. Data breaches have already compromised the personal information of millions of users this year.

Regardless of whether you have hundreds of employees or you’re only concerned about your own mobile security, implementing measures toward cyber protection is crucial for anyone who wants to protect their online data.

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12 Apr 2019
05 Apr 2019

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