31 Oct 2019

Mobility in Transportation

Mobile adoption and adaptation in traditional workplaces has reformed and remodeled work processes, company structures, and approaches to work. However, the revolution is taking to our roads too. Mobile technology is all about freedom of movement and work efficiency, so applying it to the industry of transportation makes perfect sense.

Mobility in transportation assists with everything from route plotting to vehicle compliance. As with traditional workplaces, these devices can be highly customized to each business, helping to improve efficiency and job satisfaction. By making work easier and more enjoyable, mobile devices also help to increase staff retention, reducing recruitment costs. read more

25 Oct 2019

How Mobile Devices & IoT have Changed the Way We Shop

How we shop has changed significantly over the last 10 years. This change has happened in both real world shops and online. Mobile devices were the driving factor in many of these changes, but now IoT and mobile devices are combining in ways never previously imagined.

The changes are so significant, that some retailers require little or no staff on the shop floor. This is not to say that everyone has lost their jobs, just that the type of employment and application of skills in retail is different now. As shoppers, we also expect more from retailers and interact with them in new ways. read more

18 Oct 2019

Modern Life in IOT Smart Cities

Governments around the globe are driving towards developing IOT smart cities, and the improved interlinking systems are enabling reliable and secure IoT based smart city applications.

Applications are connecting the various devices, systems, and architecture to change the way we live or work in cities. This is bringing about not only a new way of living, but also a new way of governing.

Without IoT (Internet of Things) and IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things), smart cities wouldn’t be possible. It is the remote management and data transmission of interconnected devices that make a smart city “smart”. They allow process to be automated for things that weren’t possible before. However, they also provide a data and analysis level that is unachievable without IoT. read more

11 Oct 2019
04 Oct 2019

Build Your Business With Enterprise Mobility Solutions

What if you had a secure way to complete your work anytime, from any location? Enterprise mobility solutions provide you with just that.

By combining powerful mobile devices, seamless network connectivity, and a high level of data security, enterprise mobility can revolutionize your business.

As of this year, 71 percent of all enterprises use mobility as a primary tool to stay competitive in their respective markets. Additionally, the industry is expected to grow to $430 billion by the year 2021. read more

27 Sep 2019

What is IIOT? How IIOT Makes Industry Easier and More Profitable

When you hear the acronym IIOT, you likely silently think “what is IIoT?”. Most people have heard of the Internet of Things (IoT), but are not so sure about IIOT. IIOt stands for industrial internet of things. 

The industrial internet of things is about the application of IoT systems across industries. This isn’t about home or personal IoT devices, but instead the kind of IoT devices that are used in industries such as manufacturing, energy, transportation and more. These devices will largely focus on improving some element in each specific industry via web connectivity and management. read more

20 Sep 2019

Mobilization in the Energy Industry

Mobile phones and portable devices have had a strong impact on almost every industry imaginable. The energy industry is no different. There have been major changes in the approach to energy management, energy efficiency, and even the consumption of energy due to mobility in the workplace.

Because of the dispersed nature of the energy supply industry, scattered across continents and with centers in most towns, intercommunication of information is important. Green energy and being energy efficient is a major concern, and mobile or IoT (Internet of Things) devices are playing an important role in this transition. There is also a need for mobile-focused marketing, to catch the attention of the increasingly mobile population. read more

13 Sep 2019

The Real Importance of Enterprise Mobile Device Security

If you use a mobile device with internet access, you need to take special steps and precautions to keep your data safe.

Mobile device security (MDS) is the use of those measures to prevent cyber attacks, data misuse, and viruses from infiltrating company-owned technology.

Phishing, spyware, trojans, and other malicious attacks can cause tremendous problems from your company. A data breach or major attack could cost your business millions of dollars in legal fees, infrastructure costs, and reparations. read more

06 Sep 2019

5 Reasons to Prepare Yourself for a Data Breach

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’re probably all too familiar with the term “data breach.” They seem to be happening everyday, but many people are probably still wondering what exactly is involved when a data breach occurs.

Just one data breach can cost a company millions of dollars, and targeting individuals risk losing even more.

A data breach can lead to information loss, identity theft, and even complete infiltration of infected servers and online storage accounts. 

If you want to learn more about whether or not your private data is at risk, keep reading to find out. read more

30 Aug 2019

Mobile Revolution of the Aviation Industry

The aviation industry is a rapidly expanding sector. According to data from the World Bank, the global air travel has expanded 800% over the last 4 decades. This may not be exponential growth, but it is certainly a steady increasing trend of a multi-trillion dollar industry.

As the industry grows, it is also adopting new technologies at a fast pace. Face recognition immigration systems have been around for a while now, as has remote checking. The aviation industry is currently in an era of mass change, as it now goes more mobile and embraces the startup culture of today.

According to recent research, the majority of site traffic (58% in 2018) came from mobile devices. This ranges from opening emails, searching online, to making large purchases. Many still prefer to make purchases through desktops but perform the research and make purchasing decisions from their mobile devices. read more

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