13 Sep 2019

The Real Importance of Enterprise Mobile Device Security

If you use a mobile device with internet access, you need to take special steps and precautions to keep your data safe.

Mobile device security (MDS) is the use of those measures to prevent cyber attacks, data misuse, and viruses from infiltrating company-owned technology.

Phishing, spyware, trojans, and other malicious attacks can cause tremendous problems from your company. A data breach or major attack could cost your business millions of dollars in legal fees, infrastructure costs, and reparations. read more

06 Sep 2019

5 Reasons to Prepare Yourself for a Data Breach

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’re probably all too familiar with the term “data breach.” They seem to be happening everyday, but many people are probably still wondering what exactly is involved when a data breach occurs.

Just one data breach can cost a company millions of dollars, and targeting individuals risk losing even more.

A data breach can lead to information loss, identity theft, and even complete infiltration of infected servers and online storage accounts. 

If you want to learn more about whether or not your private data is at risk, keep reading to find out. read more

30 Aug 2019

Mobile Revolution of the Aviation Industry

The aviation industry is a rapidly expanding sector. According to data from the World Bank, the global air travel has expanded 800% over the last 4 decades. This may not be exponential growth, but it is certainly a steady increasing trend of a multi-trillion dollar industry.

As the industry grows, it is also adopting new technologies at a fast pace. Face recognition immigration systems have been around for a while now, as has remote checking. The aviation industry is currently in an era of mass change, as it now goes more mobile and embraces the startup culture of today.

According to recent research, the majority of site traffic (58% in 2018) came from mobile devices. This ranges from opening emails, searching online, to making large purchases. Many still prefer to make purchases through desktops but perform the research and make purchasing decisions from their mobile devices. read more

23 Aug 2019

Business Intelligence Solutions That Can Grow Your Enterprise

More and more businesses are moving toward mobilization, and it isn’t surprising why. Enterprise mobility has helped to connect employees, vendors, and management across a wide range of industries. 

Today these tools can play a part in the growth and development of your business. Mobile business intelligence puts you in the front seat when it comes to making core decisions for your company. 

If you are not using mobile devices to drive business intelligence, you are missing out on an invaluable resource. read more

16 Aug 2019

Mobility Solutions: CYOD, BYOD, COPE & COBO Simplified

Working styles and workforces are being revolutionized. As we move toward 2020, companies are focusing on effective mobility solutions to enable their staff to work in the way they want and need.

Staff being ‘chained to the desk’ is no longer an option for most companies. Employees need to be able to work on the move, from different locations, and in more efficient ways. This is a wonderful era of freedom and choice for staff. A time where they can opt for their preferred OS and device style at work, instead of simply accepting whatever is provided ‘as standard’..

For IT admins, the range of operating systems and device types can create some serious logistical and security related challenges. With Mac OS, Windows, Android and IoT systems, managing all can be a task in itself. read more

09 Aug 2019

How Mobile Device Management Software Can Impact Your Business

Sometimes, your ability to complete your work depends on the tools you have on hand. Business decisions aren’t always made in the office, and sometimes ideas come to you on the go. 

Mobile devices can give you a way to handle just about anything your business needs, from any location. Ensure that your company’s mobile suite is managed securely, efficiently, and proactively to maximize its capabilities.

Mobile device management can free up time you didn’t know you had by streamlining new and existing processes. read more

02 Aug 2019

Working Remotely: Pros & Cons

The advancement of digital technology has led to the development of software platforms that have transformed the perceived boundaries of the traditional office space. Remote workspaces have grown exponentially, and many industries have embraced the trend.

The need for work/life balance is a constant struggle for many employees, and working remotely allows the flexibility to be near family or home while still managing office and job workflow duties. In an ideal situation, working remotely is the best of both worlds.

Yet, this option isn’t a fit across all industries or job descriptions. Working remotely pros and cons need to be weighed by both the employer and employee to ensure that the arrangement works for all involved. read more

26 Jul 2019

Why Performance Measurement is More Effective than Time-Based Metrics

Staffing costs are one of the most significant expenses for many companies. How your employees fulfill their work duties could influence your business’s ability to succeed.

The quantity and quality of someone’s work often outweighs their ability to adhere to a specific timeline. Two employees could spend the same amount of time on the same project, but produce entirely different results. 

How your employees spend their time at work can be more important than how long they’re in the office

Using an enterprise mobility system will help you to pragmatically measure employee performance and goals. Take a look at a few other ways to effectively measure and catalyze workforce productivity. read more

19 Jul 2019

Construction Technology: The Vanguard of Mobile Solutions

Discuss the rapid growth of mobile technology globally with any swath of IT professionals, and one industry will pop up more often than not: construction. Construction technology has been at the forefront of enterprise mobile solutions for a long time, and many consider the marriage between construction and mobile to be a transformative union.

It should surprise no one that the construction industry was so quick to adapt mobile technology. One could fairly easily argue these two fields were always on a collision course, really. The needs of construction, architecture, and engineering, both in the field and in the office, are perfectly catered by mobile solutions for any number of reasons. read more

12 Jul 2019

Increase Business Growth with an Enterprise Mobility Suite

There are a variety of factors that can affect the success of your business. Keeping up with industry trends, improving staff morale, and optimizing workflows can dramatically affect your company’s growth potential.

Using a suite of enterprise mobility programs can give you a comprehensive look at many of your company’s most important moving parts.

Catalyzing business growth can be as simple as mobilizing your company. Here are a few reasons why you need to be taking advantage of an enterprise mobility solution. read more

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