23 Aug

Business Intelligence Solutions That Can Grow Your Enterprise

More and more businesses are moving toward mobilization, and it isn’t surprising why. Enterprise mobility has helped to connect employees, vendors, and management across a wide range of industries. 

Today these tools can play a part in the growth and development of your business. Mobile business intelligence puts you in the front seat when it comes to making core decisions for your company. 

If you are not using mobile devices to drive business intelligence, you are missing out on an invaluable resource.

What is Mobile Business Intelligence?

Since the inception of the business sphere as we know it, companies have been analyzing data and trends to gauge success. 

Enterprise profitability is based on a variety of factors, including sales values, production, staff productivity, and corporate expenses. Mobile business intelligence simply makes these processes easier.

With the right programs and applications, you can essentially run your company from your smartphone or tablet. Using mobile devices to manage and run your business will help you stay ahead of your competition.

The enterprise marketplace is dynamic and fast-paced. Technology is only speeding up the rate at which companies operate – and grow.

Ensure that your company keeps up by utilizing mobile business intelligence in your workplace.

mobile intelligence solutions

How Can Mobile Business Intelligence Help your Enterprise?

Whether you already have a tech-friendly workplace or you’re thinking about rolling out an enterprise mobility system, there are many benefits for your staff and organization

Improve Company Organization

Ultimately, an interconnected workplace is a more accessible one. Mobile devices allow you to access project materials, edit documents, and communicate across the entire company with just a tap.

With all of your resources at your fingertips, you can eliminate the need for physical files or document hardcopies. You’ll also save time by being able to search for files from any device.

Utilizing cloud storage gives everyone easy access to what they need, regardless of their location.

You can also set permissions for each user, so they can only view or edit documents they are authorized to have.

Being able to make quick decisions and actions from your mobile device will allow you to clean up existing processes and build an organized, smooth-running office environment. 

Simplify Data Analysis and Reporting

Progress reports and profit analysis is crucial for the growth of your company. Mobile intelligence can make this task easier and more manageable.

With proprietary programs or CRM/client management software, you can view sales data and individual performance metrics. You can also see how employee performance is affecting company revenue by comparing trends and measuring output.

By accessing your programs via mobile applications, you can run reports anywhere at any time.

mobile intelligence solutions

Monitor Key Performance Indicators

Leading businesses strive for consistent improvement. Stagnation is a quick way to send your business on a downhill slope.

Keep moving forward by using mobile intelligence to monitor and assess your company’s key performance indicators.

Using your devices to access key production information will make admin processes painless and convenient.

Your employees will also benefit from the ease of use and accessibility of this data.

Viewing performance metrics and sales data on your phone or tablet gives you and your team the ultimate freedom to manage business data on the go.

Handle Issues Remotely

You never know when a digital disaster is going to strike, but mobile business intelligence can give you peace of mind.

Configuring your company mobile devices to allow remote access gives you a way to handle technological problems as they arise.

Mobile monitoring helps you stay ahead of potential threats. With mobile device management, you can even wipe devices remotely.

By monitoring company-owned mobile devices, you can see which apps are being used by certain users.

Maintain a bird’s-eye view of your entire operation with mobile business intelligence.

Quality Control

Solving an issue at the moment is usually much easier than fixing a problem after the fact.

Mobile business intelligence gives you a closer look at the work your employees are producing.

Project management software and task-based applications provide a convenient hub for teams to discuss action items and objectives.

With individualized filters and alerts, you can be sure that no assignments or commands are falling through the cracks.

Mobile intelligence connects everyone across all levels of management and staff. Give directives, request edits, and view progress reports from your phone or tablet.

With just the push of a button, you can access work-related content via secure storage solutions, such as a protected cloud account.

mobile intelligence solutions

Will Mobile Business Intelligence Benefit Employees?

Using business intelligence through enterprise mobility is incredibly useful from a business standpoint. However, it will also help your employees and workplace morale.

Added Convenience and Flexibility

Providing employees with an intuitive system of mobile devices and applications will help them produce top-notch work.

While many businesses struggle with implementing change, employees will be excited to use tools that make their workdays easier.

If there’s a high rate of adoption, you can count on a high rate of use.

Giving your staff members a fast, convenient way to complete their jobs will give them more freedom to work as they see fit.

Corporate tools are all about improving existing processes, or strategically implementing new ones.

Combining business intelligence with enterprise mobility provides you with a bundle of helpful programs and systems that can streamline workflows, while also assisting employees with existing day to day tasks.

Give your employees a reason to be excited about work by making their jobs that much easier.

Higher Rate of Accuracy

Using mobile devices for business intelligence will assist you with accuracy benchmarks.

Having access to company devices inside or outside of the office gives you a broader reach. Oversee assignments and projects remotely, and have the freedom to make edits in real time.

Have access to your secure, cloud-based storage programs or protected servers from your car, home, or favorite coffee shop.

Accessing company information and work documents with email, messaging platforms, task management systems, and even screen sharing can save you time and money.

You can easily review projects, proposals, and other deliverables just with a tablet or smartphone device.

If errors are present, you can address them immediately with mobile business intelligence.

Taking advantage of mobile business intelligence can completely change the course of your company. If you want to run your business from the palm of your hand, there is an enterprise mobility solution for you.