19 Jul

Construction Technology: The Vanguard of Mobile Solutions

Discuss the rapid growth of mobile technology globally with any swath of IT professionals, and one industry will pop up more often than not: construction. Construction technology has been at the forefront of enterprise mobile solutions for a long time, and many consider the marriage between construction and mobile to be a transformative union.

It should surprise no one that the construction industry was so quick to adapt mobile technology. One could fairly easily argue these two fields were always on a collision course, really. The needs of construction, architecture, and engineering, both in the field and in the office, are perfectly catered by mobile solutions for any number of reasons.

Mobile solutions improve communications, worksite safety, asset tracking, and more. It makes bidding construction jobs easier. It allows for building designs to be updated on the fly from offices hundreds or even thousands of miles away from the site. And it allows construction management an unprecedented bird’s eye view of their full operation.

It should be no wonder then that construction companies were amongst the earliest adopters of mobile technology. Their industries was at the forefront of pioneering much of the mobile landscape, and they’re still in that vanguard today. Perhaps more so than ever before, really, given that industry leaders are still looking for new ways to utilize mobile solutions in every aspect of construction work and construction management.

construction technology

Safety First

In most industries, worker safety isn’t something that typically finds itself under the ROI umbrella. But for your typical construction worker and the management overseeing them, safety is likely the only ROI of interest, for them and for their families.

Mobile solutions offer vastly improved communication, utilizing cutting edge devices that offer hands free, eyes-forward operability. Gone are the days of shouting across noisy thoroughfares, or allowing for a potentially dangerous or even fatal distraction while distracted by supervisorial input.

Asset tracking platforms allow teams to monitor the movements of workers in the field and in real-time. And if a disaster does happen, management, workers, and first responders all have instant access to asset tracking that can save lives, replacing the guesswork of yesteryear with consistent critical locational data.

The future of mobile tech is pointing toward safety wearables, too. Imagine a smart vest that monitors not only location, but vitals as well. Or a helmet with health monitoring and hands-free integrated communications that relays safety warnings and alerts, prioritizing those workers in the thick of it. This tech is coming, and the construction industry will be safer as a direct result.

The most valuable asset any company will ever have, in any industry no less, is its staff. And protecting them and ensuring their safety should be the number one metric anyone cares about. Mobile solutions go a very long way toward providing them precisely that.

Construction Technology and Productivity

Mobile solutions are improving more than just safety, too. Entire workflows are enhanced through mobile construction technology. From the drafting table to the last stroke of paint, mobile solutions enhance and make efficient every element of a construction project.

The ability to track assets, transfer data freely and securely, reduce paper waste, and rapidly deploy course corrections has been nothing short of transformative in the construction and civil engineering spaces

Enhanced communications not only protect construction workers and save lives, but improve productivity as well. Hands-free instant communications around a worksite mean employees don’t need to step away from their individual projects to provide feedback or receive instruction.

Asset tracking not only means workers are safer, but lost devices can be located more quickly. If needed, these mobile devices can be wiped remotely, which prevents IP loss or exposure to potential attacks.

And the ability to transfer files quickly to and from job sites remotely, without needing to send someone driving clear across the city to an office? That’s been nothing short of revolutionary. A great many companies deploying mobile tech currently will tell you those solutions have contributed greatly to vastly improved turnaround times and, naturally, an increased number of construction jobs.

construction technology

Industry Leaders are Deploying Construction Technology, and the Results Speak for Themselves

More than 164 years ago, the Dura Company was founded in Katendrecht, Netherlands as both a contracting firm and a carpenter’s shop. And from those humble beginnings in 1855, Dura has risen to merge with infrastructure company Vermeer to create Dura Vermeer, one of Europe’s largest and most successful construction companies.

Dura Vermeer outsourced their entire mobility program, using Apple iPads through SOTI MobiControl Cloud supported by Apple’s Volume Purchase Program, or VPP. Today, the company has 650 devices in the field and is saving approximately €200,000 in asphalt waste, which they attribute to a custom app developed for their team called AsfaltApp.

Meanwhile, Poland’s Euro Styl has been pioneering advancements in cyber security with partners Astrasys in an effort to tackle ransomware, after a set of crypto attacks recently targeted their construction development firm. Euro Styl and Astrasys needed to deliver access to local assets for remote workers and branch offices, as well as the ability to repair their services quickly and securely, all within GDPR compliance guidelines. Sophos went a long way toward protecting their assets.

McConnell Dowell wanted to be able to rapidly and reliably deploy field offices without access to terrestrial links like DSL, and they wanted to be able to do it all with minimal IT intervention or oversight. They used Cradlepoint mobile technology to make that happen.

Stateside, Clune Construction in the United States deployed Cisco Meraki access points across 22 states to manage their full network for employees and guests alike.

CTS is Ready to Give Your Construction Firm Mobility

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