05 Apr

How Businesses are Using Enterprise Mobility Management to Grow

Businesses are becoming increasingly dependent on mobile devices, cloud-based data management, and remote connectivity.

Data protection, network monitoring, and end-to-end security measures are critical for protecting sensitive information. Now, enterprise mobility management (EMM) is a tool that is necessary for the growth of the world’s most innovative businesses.

EMM Develops Mobile Maturity in the Workplace

Enterprise mobility management allows companies and employees to continuously improve their work habits. By giving users a comprehensive look at how their data is being managed online, EMM helps to discover security issues as early as possible.

Finding areas of vulnerability is the first step to creating and implementing a plan for improvement. Increased endpoint security, as well as the ability to track communications and browsing history, can help lower the risk of user error.

Rather than providing employees with information and simply expecting them to follow best practices, EMM provides concrete evidence that can be used to improve certain online behaviors. This allows all levels of management and staff to understand where they can improve digital safety procedures, and why those activities are important for the growth of the company.

Mobility Management Encourages Individual Responsibility

By providing a breakdown of various online activities such as email correspondence and web searches, employee monitoring programs and other EMM systems can determine the source of data misuse.

Whether someone intentionally shares information to cause harm to your business, or an employee mistakenly clicks on a malicious phishing email, EMM helps you to immediately work towards finding the appropriate solution.

Individual responsibility is one of the most important factors in a successful business. Help to maintain an atmosphere of transparency by ensuring that everyone on your network is responsible for their actions.

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Monitoring Systems Protect Companies and Employees

No matter how much care you put into your company image, accidents happen. You don’t want to be on the receiving end of legal problems because your employees are sharing unauthorized information.

Enterprise mobility management systems help businesses to keep a close eye on critical information. This lowers the likelihood that proprietary company data will get into the wrong hands without your knowledge. Early intervention is the best response to mishandled information, and EMM allows you to discover these risks quickly and painlessly.

Businesses Benefit From Increased Productivity

In addition to protecting company information and data integrity, EMM increases productivity by helping businesses limit employee distractions.

By overseeing your employee’s online activity, you can determine how they’re spending their time. This allows you to pinpoint distractions that are taking time, and money, away from the operation of your business.

Save Time On Daily Tasks

Implementing a EMM protocol frees up time that would otherwise be allocated to digital damage control and research.

Having all of your data at your fingertips will make day-to-day operations smoother and easier. Employees can reallocated time they would otherwise use to handle archiving, locating files, and manually logging their activities.

You can also greatly reduce the amount of time you spend on infosec procedures, such as phishing exercises and data breach tests. Monitoring software does the legwork for you, allowing you to spend your time on other tasks.

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Safely Integrate Cloud Storage

Businesses have been hesitant to move entirely online, but cloud-based storage is the future of digital enterprise.

Enterprise mobility management gives businesses a secure way to host documents, forms, emails, and sensitive information entirely online. Using cloud-based storage through your EMM solution will reduce infrastructure costs while increasing convenience and improving data management.

Maximize Workplace Freedom

More and more businesses are choosing to manage their workers remotely, which is a step toward progress in and of itself. Not only does this simply the task-management process, it allows employees to maximize production by choosing their own workspace.

Both employers and employees can benefit from telecommuting. Online project-management programs, cloud-based document storage, and communication tools like video conferencing are just a few ways to streamline remote workflow. But, increased flexibility can also lead to increased risks.

Employing an enterprise mobility management system allows you to provide freedom without sacrificing security. You can advance your business by increasing your remote workforce, while also overseeing digital activities from any location or network.

Increase Employee Engagement

Enterprise mobility management can foster open communication and a closer connection between a company and its employees. By increasing transparency and corporate collaboration, an EMM provides a constant line of contact for employees to ask questions, give feedback, and report issues.

EMM can also be used to handle company trainings, software rollouts, and team-building exercises. This also allows you to save time by further automating these tasks, and your employees can complete assessments or instruction videos on their own time.

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Keep Customers Satisfied

One of the key parts of a successful business is its client base, and enterprise mobility management makes it much easier for companies to respond to their customers’ needs.

Digital management systems can field customer comments, testimonials and reviews, feedback polls, and surveys to help you improve your business plan. Mobilizing these actions increases the chances that customers will provide this information by making the process quicker, easier, and more readily available. It also helps the employees who will be responsible for soliciting information.

Businesses that use a comprehensive enterprise mobility management system can immediately take advantage of the extra time, resources, and money they will save. Employees also benefit from increased security, online protection, and corporate transparency.
If you want to maximize your company’s growth while simplifying internal and external processes, consider employing an enterprise mobility management solution as soon as possible.