28 Jun

How Enterprise Mobility Can Improve Every Level of Your Business

Even in 2019, some businesses are taking their time to join the enterprise mobility wave. EMM as an industry is rapidly growing, but many companies are still put off by the cost, legwork, or overall change involved. 

You could be putting your business at a steep disadvantage if you are NOT using a synchronized enterprise mobility system

From the C-suite to sales teams, here are a few ways an enterprise mobility plan can improve each of the organizational planes in your business.

C-Level Executives and Leadership


Running a business is not something to take lightly, and adding even more cogs to a well-oiled machine might seem overwhelming. However, adopting enterprise mobility will save you a considerable amount of time and resources in the long run and open up new avenues to reach your customers. 

For those at the highest level in the company’s organizational chart, delegating and decision making have to be prioritized appropriately. 

Employing a comprehensive enterprise mobility solution prevents communication lags that back up the approval process. 

Increased flexibility and one-touch communication also allows C-level executives to easily maintain control over directional decisions, without cutting into their already packed schedules. 

Budget is also an important factor to take into consideration. Fortunately, maximizing mobility and interconnectivity in your workforce will help you to prevent staffing redundancies by reducing busy work and maximizing productivity.

Upper Management


Many top managers at the most successful companies aren’t responsible for overseeing only one department. If you’re someone who wears many hats simultaneously, it can be daunting to ensure that you’re on top of all outstanding action items at all times. 

Creating a successful enterprise mobility plan ultimately involves building a user-friendly environment that improves your workers’ ability to thrive in their roles. 

From assigning tasks to reviewing progress, keep a bird’s-eye view of all of your ongoing objectives. 

enterprise mobility

Middle Management


Change can be difficult, and many employees have a hard time adapting to technological or strategic changes in the office. In many cases, this is an inevitable part of corporate functionality. Fortunately, integrating an enterprise mobility system is often much more seamless and simple than it seems. Furthermore, it is common that employees drive technological change regarding mobility, especially smartphone and tablet usage. 

In fact, employees will immediately benefit from the increased flexibility and easy-to-use interface. They’ll also be able to securely access necessary files, messages, and documents at all times. This gives added peace of mind to management and staff by decreasing reaction time for objections and corrections. 

To further smooth over the transition process, explain the benefits and advantages to your workers, as well as its limitations and risks.

Sales, Marketing, and Creative


The key to a top-notch sales and marketing department is building an environment that fosters collaboration, innovation, and growth

Help employees to maximize their talents by giving them a way to act as soon as inspiration strikes. There are a variety of tools that can improve the creative process. Mobile application management and browser blocks are just some examples of helpful productivity tools. 

Utilizing an employee monitoring program can help you to understand how your employees are managing their time, for example. Or, you can make sure that they always have access to the apps and programs they need by providing secure, universally connected mobile devices

Smooth over the process for every artwork request, client survey, and in-field presentation by building a mobile-friendly environment across the entire company.

Human Resources and Compliance


Satisfied, engaged employees who adhere to company procedures are the backbone of any successful enterprise. 

For HR professionals, adopting a robust enterprise mobility solution can improve talent acquisition and recruiting efforts. Have more control over the screening process by having a centralized way to access job advertisements, in-progress lists, and open items. Prevent double-backing when you’re contacting prospects, and speed up the process by organizing your completed and outstanding tasks. 

Secure mobile devices also simplify the onboarding process. By reducing the steps and paperwork that’s typically required, new hires can spend less time filling out forms and more time getting settled in their positions.

Many businesses require employees to complete training videos or digital agreements on a regular basis. By securing mobile devices across your entire company, you can give employees more freedom around when and where they complete mandatory assignments. You can also add interactive components, such as live video chatting or progress quizzes. 

Striving to create a more flexible and open office environment is also great for employee morale. Cut down on time wasted by lengthy compliance presentations and paper chasing by providing a convenient and protected online environment for your workforce.

Business Development


When it comes to bringing in new clients, efficiency can be directly compatible with your firm’s success. 

Improving communication and response rate between customers and internal team members can make or break your company’s reputation.

Utilizing a system that prioritizes mobile application management and mobile device management can dramatically increase customer satisfaction and retention

Additionally, streamlining lead generation and client acquisition processes will help your employees cover more ground in less time. Help your business development teams strike while the iron is hot by giving them the tools they need to succeed. 

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Information Technology and Support


Mobile enterprise management has revolutionized how IT professionals can provide their services. Mobilizing business devices can give your support teams the ability to solve more issues remotely, without putting proprietary company information at risk

Simplify small issues caused by connectivity problems and user error. Safe screen sharing and increased security reduces the need for constant, routine checkups. 

Enterprise mobility also makes it easier for employees to contact support teams. Protected interconnectivity allows them to communicate effortlessly with IT professionals with chat messages or automated ticketing. Experience less down time and increase overall productivity.

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Contractors and Freelancers


Implement a safer BYOD (bring your own device) policy for all of your remote employees. Make it easier for contractors to send and review invoices, time sheets, or progress reports.

Whether you pay your freelance teams per project or per hour, cut the amount of time they spend on routine tasks such as billing or organizational tracking. Devices that are equipped with mobile content management give remote employees all of the documents they need to complete their tasks, regardless of their location. 

Enterprise mobility management will also give contractors the ability to securely login to websites or cloud-based portals that might contain sensitive or personal data.

Optimizing the organization of your business will help you ensure seamless and secure daily operations. Enterprise mobility management helps you to maximize productivity and efficiency, as well as company-wide engagement, customer satisfaction, and employee morale. Reduce time-wasting activities and unnecessary communication funnelling with a cutting-edge enterprise mobility solution.