Remember the days of clip boards and paper forms? Remember waiting until the end of the day to learn how productive your technicians had been? Mobile solutions and constant connectivity including real-time productivity metrics help you provide a stellar experience for your customers. CTS delivers the tools to keep your field service team operating at peak efficiency.

Unified Communications

One Talk on iPad

Empower your work force and streamline your operations with an “all in one” Unified Communications solution. Take calls and still have a screen size that allows you to get your work done. One Talk from Verizon enables field workers to have a full range of communications with them and empowers teams to collaborate.

Mobile Devices

You use mobile devices in a variety of ways. CTS has solutions to increase productivity in the many modes in which you operate.

  • Smartphones are a good choice for straightforward data collection.
  • Sleek, lightweight Enterprise Tablets are ideal for reviewing information with customers.
  • Rugged or Semi-Rugged Devices are ideal for working in harsh environments.
  • CTS supports iOS, OSX, Android and Windows devices and offers the tools to make a mixed-OS environment work together seamlessly.
  • Peripherals & Accessories such as RFID readers, mPOS and protective cases enable you to create mobility solutions that deliver superior customer service while giving you real time visibility into your operations.

Peripherals & Accessories

CTS offers the Peripherals & Accessories to make the most of your technology deployments by providing productivity benefits.

  • Charge and sync carts keep your devices ready-to-use while storing them securely.
  • Protective cases help shield your devices from accidental damage.
  • RFID can help you keep track of your assets.
  • mPOS facilitates financial transactions in the field.
  • Mobile printers that connect to mobile devices are still a necessity.
  • Vehicle mounts keep mobile devices secure in your trucks and vans.

Mobile Connectivity

Field Service companies have special considerations for connectivity as you want to be in front of your customers, not in the office. CTS offers a variety of mobile connectivity options that will enhance your productivity.

  • CTS can assist you with service activations for most cellular carriers.
  • CTS offers Mobile WiFi for vehicles that need constant connectivity.
  • When you are behind your desk, CTS provides WLAN solutions.

Mobile Device Management

CTS provides the tools you need to keep your mobile devices secure and easy to manage, making field service productivity a reality.

  • Maintain regulatory compliance.
  • Remotely wipe a misplaced device.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication adds layers of security protection.
  • Control who has access to systems and data.
  • Prevent password abuse and sprawl with Single Sign-On.
  • Administer imaging, applying security policies and deploying multiple devices to multiple locations efficiently.
  • Filters can help you manage which apps are available over the company network and at what time, ensuring that users are only using their data plans for business applications.
  • Use MDMaaS from CTS to get your MDM suite configured quickly and efficiently to manage your mobile devices and enforce your mobile security policies.


CTS Services

CTS is a solutions integrator and can work with you to create a mobility program designed for long-term success and maximum uptime.

  • CTS Deployment Services include imaging, asset-tagging and kitting devices with their peripherals and accessories, for pain-free program launches with minimal burden on your Technology Department.
  • Extended Warranty and Accidental Damage Protection policies safeguard your budget from expensive repairs.
  • CTS is and authorized repair depot and can get your devices working again and back in service.
  • CTS Uptime Services features Overnight Advanced Replacement of devices. CTS sends a replacement device profiled with your image to you while you return the damaged unit for rehab, maximizing productivity.


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