Healthcare provider organizations have always had unique and demanding requirements for their enterprise mobility solutions for healthcare.
  • highly mobile and data-intensive nature of the work
  • sensitivity of the information
  • physical environment in which the devices are used
As a result, healthcare providers were early adopters of mobile computing devices such as tablet PCs. However, the scope and concerns such as patient privacy create a complex set of technology considerations.
CTS can help you weigh the solutions and create a scalable, sustainable mobile network.

Mobile Devices

One tablet model won’t work for every function in your healthcare facility.

  • Sleek, lightweight Enterprise tablets that can be slipped into a pocket are ideal for making patient rounds.
  • Practicing medicine in the field may require a Rugged or Semi-Rugged device that can survive harsh environments.
  • CTS supports iOS, OSX, Android and Windows devices and offers the tools to make a mixed-OS environment work together seamlessly.
  • Peripherals & accessories such as RFID readers, mPOS and protective cases enable you to develop enterprise mobility solutions for healthcare that deliver optimal patient outcomes.

CTS offers the Peripherals & Accessories to make the most of your technology deployments by providing productivity benefits.

  • Charge and sync carts keep your devices ready-to-use while storing them securely.
  • Protective cases shield your devices from accidental damage.
  • Attractive kiosks can hold a device to streamline self-service functions.
  • RFID can help you keep track of your assets.
  • mPOS facilitates transactions where your patients are.
  • Digital offices are trending paperless, but printers that connect to mobile devices are still a necessity.

Mobile Point of Service

House calls are back. More and more, healthcare is on the road rather than in traditional healthcare facilities. mPOS enables this patient-centric trend.

There are many reasons you will need ample WLAN bandwidth.

  • Your staff relies on their mobile devices to report and access their data.
  • Guest WiFi for your patients and their visitors improve their experience.
  • CTS provides WLAN networks that allow you to manage guest and company networks from a single dashboard.
  • Take your clinic on the road with Mobile WiFi.
  • Network outages for healthcare providers are literally life-and-death situations. CTS offers Failover systems so that you are always connected.

Medications and medical supplies are highly regulated and inventory requires strict monitoring. Mobile RFID readers, printers and antennas help provide greater visibility into your inventory of medical supplies and medications.

The cost of a data breach continues to rise; the average last year was $158 per stolen record, but in healthcare, it was $355 per record. Be sure your enterprise mobility solutions for healthcare are protected.

  • Security tools such as EMM, IAM and firewalls help protect patient records and keep your organization compliant with the way it handles sensitive healthcare data.
  • It is estimated that healthcare workers may need access to as many as 100 password-protected apps in a week. SSO eliminates password chaos.
  • Maintain regulatory compliance.
  • Remotely wipe a misplaced device.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication adds layers of security protection.
  • Control who has access to systems and data.
  • Prevent password abuse and sprawl with Single Sign-On.
  • Administer app usage and enforce mobile security policies.
  • Are you supporting a BYOD initiative? CTS can help you design a program that is flexible to make your employees happy but secure and cost-effective.
    • Do you allow employee devices unlimited access to company systems and data or limited access with some degree of IT supervision?
    • CTS offers a broad selection of security options that enable you to have control over the company data on employee-owned devices, helping you maintain compliance.
  • Use MDMaaS from CTS to get your MDM suite configured quickly and efficiently to manage your mobile devices and enforce your mobile security policies.

CTS is a solutions integrator and can work with you to create a mobility program designed for long-term success and maximum uptime.

  • Our Deployment Services include imaging, asset-tagging and kitting devices with their peripherals and accessories, for pain-free program launches with minimal burden on your Technology Department.
  • Extended Warranty and Accidental Damage Protection policies safeguard your budget from expensive repairs.
  • An authorized repair depot, CTS can get your devices working again quickly and back in service.
  • Uptime Services feature Overnight Advanced Replacement of devices. We send a replacement device profiled with your image to you while you return the damaged unit for rehab, maximizing productivity.


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