Enterprise mobility solutions for Hospitality offer the industry new ways to create personalized experiences for your guests and turn them into loyal, repeat customers.  Hotel staff can check guests in at the curb. The concierge is no longer tied to a counter. Room service is ordered from a mobile app. Maintenance and Housekeeping communicate in real-time. Extraordinary guest service is literally at your fingertips.

One mobile device model will not fit every job function in your establishment. CTS offers a wide variety of options to meet the needs of all of your various job functions.

  • Sleek, lightweight Enterprise Tablets are ideal for your concierge and wait staff.
  • For your Groundskeeper, Rugged or Semi-Rugged Devices stand up to the vibrations of a tractor while providing your staff with actionable intelligence where they need it, increasing productivity.
  • CTS supports iOS, OSX, Android and Windows devices and offers the tools to make a mixed-OS environment work together seamlessly.
  • Peripherals & Accessories such as RFID readers, mPOS and protective cases enable you to create Hospitality mobility solutions that deliver superior guest experiences.

CTS offers the Peripherals & Accessories to make the most of your technology deployments by providing productivity benefits.

  • Charge and sync carts keep your devices ready-to-use while storing them securely.
  • Protective cases shield your devices from accidental damage.
  • Attractive kiosks can hold a device to streamline self-service functions.
  • RFID can help you keep track of your assets.
  • mPOS facilitates financial transactions where your guests are.
  • Digital offices are trending paperless, but printers that connect to mobile devices are still a necessity.
  • Vehicle mounts keep mobile devices secure in your vehicles.

Mobile Point of Service

mPOS technology is a critical component of your enterprise mobility solutions for Hospitality because it allows you to take transactions to your guests.

  • Provide VIP curbside check-in for new arrivals.
  • Take snack orders at the pool.
  • There is evidence that mPOS drives up tips in restaurants.


High-value, loyal visitors with steady repeat business are the goals of every establishment. Hospitality mobility gives you the tools to create a superior guest experience, driving loyalty.

Build customer loyalty by offering a more personal experience through customized room keys, membership perks, and rewards programs. CTS makes it easy to integrate these offers into your Hospitality operations.

Interactive Video

Displays enhance the unique guest experience you provide, building loyal, repeat visitors.

  • Video Display Walls showcase the amenities available at your hotel and highlights of your city.
  • Hospitality TVs provide guests with entertainment, news and information but also allow them to order room service and schedule a wake-up call; guests are empowered to create their own experience.
  • A tablet in an attractive kiosk delivers self-service capabilities such as price checks for your customers.

There are many reasons you will need ample WiFi bandwidth. This close connection between you and your visitors can help deliver an outstanding guest experience and build loyalty.

  • Your staff relies on their mobile devices to manage their workflow.
  • You need guest networks in your rooms, at the pool and in your business center.
  • CTS provides WLAN networks that allow you to manage guest and company networks from a single dashboard.
  • Mobile Wifi allows you to take your food truck anywhere.
  • Business stops when the network is down, and that’s never acceptable. CTS has solutions to provide you with a Failover system as well so that you are always able to complete transactions. Better uptime is better business.

Supplies, ingredients and guest luggage are just a few of the inventory managed in the hospitality industry.

  • Automate inventory tracking by know where your assets are located, anytime, anywhere.
  • Eliminate paper checklists.
  • Increase operational visibility.

The cost of a data breach continues to rise, averaging $148 per compromised record this year. And that doesn’t get into the publicity nightmare. Keep your enterprise mobility solutions for Hospitality safe from the threat of a breach.

  • Maintain regulatory compliance.
  • Remotely wipe a misplaced device.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication adds layers of security protection.
  • Control who has access to systems and data.
  • Prevent password abuse and sprawl with Single Sign-On.
  • Administer imaging, applying security policies and deploying multiple devices to multiple locations efficiently.
  • Filters can help you manage which apps are available over the company network and at what time, ensuring that users are only using their data plans for business applications.
  • Use MDMaaS from CTS to get your MDM suite configured quickly and efficiently to manage your mobile devices and enforce your mobile security policies.

Surveillance & Loss Prevention

Hospitality establishments use Surveillance video to keep visitors safe and reduce vandalism and theft.

  • Video requires a vast amount of storage and throughput capacity; CTS offers solutions that are reliable, scalable and cost-effective.
  • To make the surveillance even more valuable, allow your security team to monitor surveillance feeds from multiple cameras on mobile devices from your showroom floor rather than in a back room full of monitors.

CTS Services

CTS is a solutions integrator and can work with you to create a mobility program designed for long-term success and maximum uptime.

  • Our Deployment Services include imaging, asset-tagging and kitting devices with their peripherals and accessories, for pain-free program launches with minimal burden on your Technology Department.
  • Extended Warranty and Accidental Damage Protection policies safeguard your budget from expensive repairs.
  • And authorized repair depot, CTS can get your devices working again and back in service.
  • Uptime Services feature Overnight Advanced Replacement of devices. CTS sends a replacement device profiled with your image to you while you return the damaged unit for rehab, maximizing productivity.


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