CTS supports all leading MDM solutions in the industry and maintains deep technical expertise around all aspects of mobile security and supervision.

• Needs Assessment
• MDM Profile Creation
• Deployment
• Training
• Ongoing Support

CTS has a Plan for Every Customer

Whether you are a smaller entity just getting started with mobile security and control, or an enterprise account with many devices located across the country, CTS has a solution.


≤2 Unique Builds
<20 Devices


4 Unique Builds
21-250 Devices


>4 Unique Builds
Various Device Quantities

Quick Turnaround

• CTS maintains a full staff of IT professionals to provide MDM advisory and implementation services rapidly
• Efficient, technology based assessment tools

A full line of optional value added services are available for the configuration, deployment and ongoing support of your mobility program.

• MDM Program Design & Device Enrollment (Including ABM [formerly DEP])
• Ongoing Governance of MDM Profiles, Applications, OS Status and more
• Kitting and Configuration
• Deployment and Activation Support
• 24/7/365 Call Center Support, Break Fix, Advance Replacement and more


  • Deploy, monitor, integrate and manage mobile devices in the workplace.
  • IT will have visibility into which apps are being accessed by which users and incidents of credential-sharing.
  • Restricts ‘ad hoc’ and ‘bypass’ security policies being set by users.
  • Maximized workforce productivity. Employees have access to their essential apps and can work anytime, anywhere.
  • Remote wiping of company data on compromised devices.
  • Self-service app stores, remote provisioning, policy-driven configuration and remote wiping allow the IT department to work more efficiently.
  • Role-based access to apps insures that people can only use the apps that are essential to their job function.
  • Only pre-approved apps are able to send or receive sensitive data.
  • Sensitive data is stored in an encrypted, managed container on mobile devices.

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