13 Sep

The Real Importance of Enterprise Mobile Device Security

If you use a mobile device with internet access, you need to take special steps and precautions to keep your data safe.

Mobile device security (MDS) is the use of those measures to prevent cyber attacks, data misuse, and viruses from infiltrating company-owned technology.

Phishing, spyware, trojans, and other malicious attacks can cause tremendous problems from your company. A data breach or major attack could cost your business millions of dollars in legal fees, infrastructure costs, and reparations.

From where you store your passwords to which Wi-Fi networks you use, enterprise mobile device security is a crucial part of protecting your information, online identity, and even your company’s network and devices.

How Enterprise Mobile Device Security Came to the Workplace

Mobile device management and security was born out of a need for additional protection following the mobile boom in the early 2000s.

Devices became less and less dependent on hardwiring and traditional data processing avenues, opening up a whole new world for hackers and digital attackers.

In 2004, the first virus to infect smartphones made its mark on tech consumers. The computer worm, called Cabir, accessed phones via bluetooth signals.

This event opened up the public’s eye regarding digital safety and mobile virus protection.

A few years after Cabir made its debut, digital security solutions started popping up across the digital market. This was in response to the increase in viruses and malware that was being written for mobile devices.

The rapid growth of technological vulnerabilities would eventually lead to the development of Mobile Device Management as a Service (MDMAAS), Mobile Application Management (MAM), and Unified Endpoint Management (UEM), and Mobile Device Management (MDM) – in addition to other software solutions that are still used today. 

Now, all types of mobile devices are as risk for virus infection and digital infiltration.

enterprise mobile device security

Experts Agree: MDS is Imperative for Companies

Simply put, more mobile device users leads to more devices on the market. This gives attackers even more opportunities to send out viruses and other malware.

In just the last few years, mobile data threats have increased exponentially. Since an increasing amount of workers use mobile phones and tablets to conduct business, this growth dramatically affects companies and individual consumers.

Tech and information security specialists warn users that attacks are becoming more sophisticated than ever.

Employees and vendors need to take great care in how their devices are being used, who can use them, and what information is being transferred or stored with them.

Utilizing a data security team to oversee corporate devices can reduce your risk of attack.

Furthermore, ensuring that specific measures are in place to protect data that’s used in apps, widgets, or other programs should also be a top priority.

Even if it seems like your mobile phone or tablet isn’t at risk in the workplace, taking the extra measures to secure your data will protect you, your company, and your employees. 

Mobile Device Security in the Modern Office

Mobile devices are becoming the go-to method to take payments, research information, communicate remotely, and handle other business-related tasks.

On the counter of nearly every trendy coffee shop and retail store, you’ll see an ipad or tablet setup where a cash register would be.

In the corporate setting, mobile phones and tablets are used across various industries to communicate with customers, manage outstanding tasks, design marketing materials, and more.

Using mobile devices more frequently increases your chances of clicking on an infected link, or opening a malicious email.

Mitigate the risk, and enjoy peace of mind, by using an enterprise mobility security solution to protect your equipment and your employees.

enterprise mobile device security

Human Error is a Major Factor

Even with the most sophisticated security systems, threats can still slip through the cracks.

Employees are human, and of course they make mistakes. Negligence, defiance, and carelessness could cause a lot of damage if it isn’t caught in time.

In 2018, more than 25 percent of data breaches were caused – in some part – by human error. In most cases, lack of education was cited as the primary reason for the employee’s mistake or oversight.

For this reason, it’s crucial to ensure that your staff understands the importance of data security. Helping your employees identify common threats and learn how to handle them is your first line of defense.

Educated employees are more likely to discover security threats and know how to react appropriately. The sooner the threat is identified, the easier the issue will be to resolve.

Following proper education and preparation, an enterprise mobile device security program is imperative if you want to catch slip ups as soon as possible. 

Why it Matters to You

If you want your company to run as smooth as possible, you want to take advantage of all of the tools and resources you possibly can.

Mobile device security is no longer an added benefit to your enterprise mobility suite; it’s a requirement.

Cybercrime and internal data loss is enough to drive your company into the ground, if you don’t act quickly enough. In fact, 60 percent of companies that experience a data breach will not survive after the ordeal.

Additionally, your company isn’t all you have to lose.

Data breaches often involve many people. For those whose data has been compromised, legal action is typically the next step. You can risk paying high settlement fees, legal penalties, and other costs.

Breaches are expensive, and they could ruin your company’s reputation. Customers are far less likely to engage with a company that has suffered a data disaster.

Help to gain your customers’ trust by establishing an enterprise mobile device security system as soon as possible.

Prioritizing data security shows your clientele that you value their privacy and security. Customers will be even more impressed with what your business has to offer once they know that their information is safe in your company’s hands.

Your proprietary company data is the key to your business. Protect your assets and reputation by incorporating a strong mobile security solution into your suite of corporate mobile devices.